Assessment of strategic spatial plan making and plan implementation processes

Gestion de projet

Anna Hersperger

Collaborateurs du projet

Anna Hersperger

Durée du projet

2016 - 2021


Project information

The overall objective of this project is to develop an analytical framework grounded in an analysis of strategic spatial planning processes, i.e. plan making and plan implementation. Cities worldwide are increasingly engaging in strategic spatial planning processes to address economic, social and environmental issues. While we do recognize the context specificity of the formulation and implementation of strategic spatial plans, we argue that an overarching conceptualization of their main components and interrelationships is nevertheless possible. Therefore, in this project we synthesize research on 21 European a framework for strategic spatial plan making and plan implementation – the SPlaMI framework. The project is part of project CONCUR - From Plans to Land Change.

Project research methods

  • Multi-case study approach.
  • In-depth, semi-structured interviewing with academics and regional planners.
  • Manual and computer-aided coding of the interview data.
  • Content analysis of the strategic spatial plans currently in force in the selected cases.

Project spatial focus

The selected 21 European urban regions

Project outcomes

  • The SPlaMI framework intended to facilitate future reflections on the workings of strategic spatial planning.


Other Publications

Pagliarin, S., & Decker, P. D. (2018). Regionalised sprawl: conceptualising suburbanisation in the European context. Urban Research & Practice, (Online).