EMERGE - Extreme droughts in mountain regions: consequences for blue-green water fluxes

Gestion de projet

Francesca Pellicciotti


Dirk Karger

Collaborateurs du projet

Philipp Brun
Arthur Gessler
Dirk Karger
Michael James McCarthy
Evan Stewart Miles
Francesca Pellicciotti
Thomas Shaw
Liangzhi Chen

Durée du projet

2021 - 2025

Coopération Financement

Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of droughts, and the likelihood of extreme 'megadrought' events such as that which is ongoing in Central Chile. The impacts of megadroughts have been investigated in lowlands, but little is known about their consequences in mountain regions and the role of glaciers in buffering runoff extremes. EMERGE will investigate the impacts of historic megadroughts on water fluxes and ecosystems in glacierised mountain regions, and use this knowledge to develop stress-test scenarios for a possible future megadrought in the Swiss Alps.