Environmental Policy of WSL

WSL is a research institute focusing on sustainability. It is particularly important to us to handle the available resources carefully, to monitor our environmental impact and continuously reduce our ecological footprint.

WSL is committed to the environment and sustainability, and acts accordingly

We are guided by the principles of sustainability in research, teaching, implementation and operation.

We implement all legal requirements and are committed to exceeding them where reasonably possible.

We use the natural resources and our facilities in a responsible and sustainable way. We use renewable resources whenever possible and avoid environmentally harmful substances in the field. In the greenhouses, we reduce the use of pesticides to the minimum.

WSL plays a pioneering role in environmentally friendly behavior and sets a positive example

We maintain and improve our ecological competence in research and teaching.

We continuously reduce our environmental impact and improve our energy efficiency.

We consider environmental aspects when choosing partners and suppliers and promote sustainable mobility.

We maintain our sites at all locations sustainably and provide ecologically valuable habitats.

We raise awareness about environmental issues and motivate our employees to act responsibly.

WSL maintains an Environmental Management System

We set measurable goals, carry out meaningful performance reviews and take necessary actions.

We regularly analyze our goals and environmental performance and continuously adjust the related processes.

We provide information about our environmental performance regularly, internally and externally.