Key activities

At WSL we are continuously working on keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. Below are some of the most relevant measures of the past years. 

  • In 2020 seven modern Zoom-rooms were created – 5 in Birmensdorf and 2 in Davos - and equipped with videoconferencing systems. Employees are encouraged to use these tools as often as possible to avoid work-related travel.
  • To decrease our carbon emissions from air travel, various steps were introduced to foster travelling by train.
  • Since 2019 the SLF location in Davos has been heated with a groundwater heat pump. WSL saves 30 000 liters of heating oil per year by completely replacing the oil-fired heating system and through the improvements made to building insulation and heat recovery in precious years.
  • Our buildings are continuously renovated to meet the latest energy standards. The main building in Birmensdorf was the first office building in the canton of Zurich certified by the Minergie A and Minergie P eco-standards.
  • The facilities in Birmensdorf are heated mainly by CO2-neutral woodchips since 1986.
  • At our sites in Davos and Birmensdorf we produce approx. 130 000 kWh of environmentally friendly solar power annually.
  • Since 2013, we purchase exclusively renewable electricity (naturstorm basic 2000). In Birmensdorf we use 100% certified "naturemade star" electricity (95% hydro, 5% wind) and in Davos local renewable hydropower.
  • Equipment and processes are continuously optimized. For example, thanks to the renovation of the cold cells in Birmensdorf, about 100 MWh of electricity is saved annually.


For more information about the activities, you can have a look at our Environmental Reports.

Ongoing projects

Mobility strategy 2020 Andreas Zurlinden, Sabine Fink, Tamaki Ohmura, Yvonne Kunz
Sound isolation in the staff restaurant Herbert Kurmann


Completed projects

Energy weeks 2019 Andreas Zurlinden, Herbert Kurmann, Lisa Bose
Recommendations for a WSL mobility strategy (monitoring and reducing CO2 emissions) Chris Young, Andreas Zurlinden, Martin Gentner, Frank Graf
Better use of existing infrastructure: Inventory list accessibility Yvonne Kunz
Better use of existing infrastructure: Change in project approval Gabor Reiss, Toni Burkart
Introduction of the WSL Recycling Day Daniela Csencsics, Herbert Kurmann, Gabor Reiss