Close to nature at WSL

Company premises designed close to nature make sense ecologically and can save costs. The WSL site in Birmensdorf is located in a natural environment, for which it received a certification for the fifth time in 2020 from the Nature & Economy Foundation.

Lean meadows, hedges, embankments, ditches, piles of stone, gravel, branches and dead wood, dry locations, green roofs, ponds, streams, gravel paths - the WSL site, which covers around 10 hectares, offers valuable habitats for several species of flora and fauna. In addition, employees can refresh their mind and body in the garden during their breaks.

WSL has been cultivating its experimental garden in Birmensdorf since 1996, through targeted activities and ecological principles. For example, the meadows are mowed only once or twice a year or even only every second year, and herbicides are not used. At the end of 1998, the garden of WSL was certified by the Nature & Economy Foundation. This testifies that WSL is not only concerned about sustainability, ecology and biodiversity in its research and consulting activities, but it also takes seriously what is happening at its own doorstep. In 2020, WSL renewed this quality label for the fifth time.

In the recent years, WSL has brought the area even closer to nature with small biotopes, nesting boxes for various bird species and bats and hibernation grounds for hedgehogs. The Tobelbach used to flow underground and was uncovered more than 10 years ago, and the sheep of a local breeder saves the mowing of the natural meadows.

Green interiors

We have received a lot of praise from visitors in the recent years for the diverse floral decorations at forecourts, entrances, corridors, stairwells and above all, in the staff restaurant. This is an enrichment of the workplace and certainly has a positive influence on the working atmosphere. We take good care of the plants and most of them are grown and overwintered in our own greenhouse.

WSL employees also benefit from the above mentioned enhancements. The site gained remarkable recreational value by creating a wide variety of habitats.