Analysing recent developments in abundance, biomass and species richness of aquatic and terrestrial insects in Switzerland

We study recent developments in insect abundance, biomass and species richness in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of Switzerland. We analyse multi-year time series on terrestrial (RBA, 2000-2007) and aquatic (BDM, 2009-2018) insect data from the last 20 years. Ultimately and if time allows, we strive to interlink these results with population trends of insectivorous bird species dependent on aquatic or terrestrial habitats. The project will (1) provide important evidence on recent developments in aquatic and terrestrial insect abundance and richness in Switzerland, (2) establish the relationship with important environmental factors, and (3) provide important evidence-based information for decision and policy makers on the urgency of conservation measures for insect communities.


Project details


Dr. Martin Obrist (WSL), Florian Altermatt (Eawag),  Rosi Siber (Eawag)

Project duration

2020 - 2021