By applying innovative technologies I contribute to the base of biological knowledge relevant to the understanding and conservation of nature.


  • 1978-1983 University of Zurich, diploma in zoology (Topic: Bee-dance)
  • 1985-1989 Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, PhD (Topic: Variability in bat echolocation)
  • 1989-1991 York University Toronto, postdoc with SNF (Topics: Foraging strategy and ear characteristics of bats)
  • 1992 University Zurich, gymnasium teachers diploma
  • WSL, research associate since 1.12.1991


Cowork in projects

  • Testing the diversity hypothesis: Can structural diversity and habitat heterogeneity explain species diversity in temperate forests? - therein: Optimizing acoustic monitoring methods for bats
  • Revision of the Red List of endangered bat species of Switzerland - external links (DE), (FR), (Methodenprotokoll)
  • Bioacoustic recognition of bats
  • Is the quality of life in urban areas improved by the urban wildlife? - BiodiverCity (WSL Merkblatt)
  • CCES ENHANCE: Enhancing ecosystem connectivity through intervention – a benefit for nature and society? - specifically Task 4 of Module 2: Connectivity in urban habitats
  • Biodiversity correlates of processes and gradients of built over development-BIKORA, a project in the framework of the research program 'man and nature'
  • Long-term dynamics of insect abundance in diversity in windthrow areas
  • Succession of insect recolonization of forest fire area Leuk

Former projects

  • Fauna exchange between natural and cultivated habitat
  • Faunistic inventory methods for invertebrates
  • Red data books on threatened animals in Switzerland
  • Succession of invertebrate fauna in windthrow areas
  • The influence of sporadic and regular fires on invertebrate biodiversity in temperate forests of the southern slope of the Alps
  • The contribution of forest edges to the regional biodiversity
  • Acoustic bat species recognition by synergetic pattern recognition
  • Assessing the distribution and habitat requirements of bat species assemblages by means of bioacoustic, synergetic pattern recognition

Open master thesis