Forest Entomology

Our group Forest Entomology investigates forest insects in their broadest sense: ecology of potential forest pests, natural enemies, diversity of forest insects.

Research topics

  • Infestation dynamics of bark beetles, effect of natural enemies
  • Interactions between host trees and bark beetles
  • Recolonization of windthrow and wildfire areas by insect communities
  • Dependency of dead wood (saproxylic) insects on tree and stand characteristics



Forest Entomology

Martin Gossner


Carl-Michael Heimo Andersson

Technical staff member

Astrid Bächli

Technical staff member

Mojtaba (Moe) Bakhtiari

Postdoctoral Scientist

Vittorio Rai Bizzozero

Master student

Timo Busse


Giovanna Ceppi

Temporary employee

Francesca Cerroti

PhD student guest

Ana Maria Cobo Ospina

Temporary employee

Fabio Costa

Temporary employee

Tobia Diggelmann

Bastiaan Drost

PhD student

Maria Drzewicz

Master student

Michael Andreas Eisenring

Scientific staff member

Nina Feddern

Visiting scientist

Maja Ilic

Visiting scientist

Thibault Lachat

Visiting scientist

Leonie Lorenzo Lopez


Madison Mae Molnar

Temporary employee

Elly Helen Müller


Felix Neff

Visiting scientist

Anouchka Perret-Gentil

lab technician

Anja Probst

Temporary employee

Aditi Manoj Rawal

PhD student guest

Caio Graco Rodriguez Leandro Roza

Visiting scientist

Thibaut Rota

Visiting scientist

Nicolas Roth

Visiting scientist

Lauren Ruysschaert

Temporary employee / Scientific staff member

Doris Schneider

Technical staff member

Leila Anna Schuh


Jennifer Stucki

Temporary employee

Beat Wermelinger

Visiting scientist

Fengping Yang

Visiting scientist

Call to participate in a global experiment

We propose a global protocol to assess human impacts on forest ecosystems using experimental microcosms. The main question we aim to address is:

How do current and future climatic conditions, forest habitat degradation and management, influence biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in water filled microcosms worldwide?

More information

Interested? Please contact Martin Gossner

The field season has started!

In March, the insect traps for the Lothar projectwere installed so that early flying insects could also be detected.

The larch tortrix is back

Nearly 40 year after the last major outbreak of the larch tortix (Zeiraphera griseana) in the Upper Engadine, large-scale defoliation of larches due to the larvae of the larch tortrix could be observed this year. Beat Wermelinger reported in Swiss television (in German).