Scientific key points

since 04/2018 Head of Forest Entomology, Deputy Head of RU Forest Health and Biotic Interactions, Senior Scientist, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Lecturer ETH Zurich
since 08/2020 Adjunct Professor; ETH Zurich
2017 University of Göttingen (D), full professor (Forest Nature Conservation), declined
09/2016-03/2018 Scientific collaborator, Forest Entomology, Senior Researcher, Federal Research Institute WSL
03/2011-08/2016 Postdoctoral Associate, Terrestrial Ecology Research Group, Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management, Technical University Munich
02/2008-02/2011 Postdoctoral Associate, Institute of Ecology, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
05/2007-10/2007 Postdoctoral Associate, Strategy and Management of Landscape Development, Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management, Technical University Munich
since 2004 Loricula - Agency for Canopy Research, Ecological Studies, Insect Determination and Tree Climbing


2000–2004 Doctoral Thesis in Forest Science at the Chair of Land Use Planning and Nature Conservation, Technical University Munich

Topic: Diversity and structure of arboreal communities in introduced and native trees – Study of prioritized arthropod groups for a faunistic-ecological evaluation of cultivated Douglas-fir and American Red Oak (Coleoptera, Heteroptera, Neuropterida, Araneae)”


Diploma in Biology at the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Main Focus: Anmimal Ecology and Tropical Biology

Diploma Thesis: Comparison of the diversity and species composition of the ant communities of the lower vegetation between primary and secondary forests in the lowland rain forest of Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia”