1976-1980 Studies in biology at ETH, Zurich.
1981-1985 Ph.D. thesis at the Institute of Plant Production, ETH Zurich
1985-1986 Post-doc at the University of California, Berkeley
1987-1991 Research assistant with the Institute of Plant Sciences, ETH Zurich
1991-2018 Head of the 'Forest Entomology' group at the Swiss Federal Institute WSL
2018-2022 Senior Scientist WSL
2022- retired, visiting scientist WSL


  • Development and succession of insect communities after windthrow and wildfire
  • Population dynamics of potential pests and their natural enemies
  • Biodiversity of saproxylic (=wood inhabiting) insects
  • Insect photography

My latest highlight

The book "Forest insects – diversity, functions, and importance" (2021) is the result of more than 20 years teaching in forest entomology and my even longer existing hobby of taking photos of insects. It is both a text and photo book covering the manifold significances of forest insects for forests and humans. The German version was awarded the "Prix Moulines" of the Swiss Entomological Society in 2019.

More information (in German)