Research Agenda

A research agenda is a collection of themes of inquiry that should shape the direction of future research and typically identifies those areas that require new knowledge in the medium to long term.

Please note: this page is being updated and will be re-newed soon.

The FOREMA Research Agenda 2017-2024 seeks to help shaping the direction of research within the Research Unit Forest Resources and Management. It is an initiative intended to favor communication and exchange across FOREMA’s Research Groups in order to make effective use of people’s potential, infrastructure and data resources to promote better science: upfront, open and relevant to society. The Research Agenda should help to identity flagship projects, improve the unit’s publication record and help promoting career opportunities for young scientists.


The research agenda is implemented as an iterative process in line with the WSL and FOREMA strategic planning and involves tree main steps: 1) reviewing potential research themes, 2) setting priorities based on possible outputs and 3) defining objectives for projects, papers and other initiatives. The process was launched by the Heads of the FOREMA Research Unit and the Research Groups in spring 2017 and developed by a group of volunteers: they started inquiring, reviewing and synthesizing potential research themes. In 2018 and 2021, a series of thematic workshops has been carried out to define specific themes and action plans that will then be implemented. In 2022 the process was carried on again with a new group of volonteers: Jeanne Portier, Ross Shakelton, Jonas Glatthorn and Kathrin Streit

Thematic workshops will be held during the year 2018 to identify realistic output for each theme and to formulate concrete objectives and timelines. The workshops are “informal” and include all interested people (also from other research units). The results of the workshops will be subsequently reviewed in 2020.