Forests are habitat for a large number of species and they fulfil many ecosystem services for society, such as timber production or protection against rockfalls. Climate change is going to alter growing conditions of forest stands substantially during the next decades. One of the biggest challenges for forest management is to take potential shifts in site conditions into account when making decisions about silvicultural treatments and tree species choice. With my research I want to contribute to increase our knowledge about forest development and to support forest management in maintaining the capacity of forests to fulfil societal demands as well in the future.

Research interests

  • Silvicultural adaptation of forests to climate change
  • Biotic and abiotic driving factors of forest growth and yield
  • Functional relationships between stand structure and ecosystem processes
  • Interactions between individual trees and their environment

Education and Professional Experience

Since 04/2002


Research associate at the Federal Research Institute WSL;

Project lead: Experimental Forest Management

02/2018 – 03/2022

Postdoctoral fellow at the department for Silviculture and Forest Ecology of the Temperate Zones; Göttingen University; Germany

04/2013 – 06/2017

PhD in ‘Plant Ecology and Ecosystems Research‘, Göttingen University; Germany
Thesis: Structure, Productivity and Carbon Storage of Primeval

European Beech Forests

10/2010 – 03/2013

MSc in ‘Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology‘; Göttingen University; Germany

09/2006 – 07/2010

BSc in ‘International Forest Ecosystem Management’; University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde; German