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Our employees are our most valuable resources. The WSL employs approximately 600 people from 30 countries. We endeavour to provide an inspiring and motivating work environment and to be attractive as an employer by offering a first-class research environment and interesting career opportunities in science.

Diversity is also a challenge which we are happy to accept. To this end, we have created a position for "Institutional Development & Diversity".

As a research institute dealing with sustainability, environmental management is a matter of credibility for the WSL.


Jobs and career

WSL is an equal opportunity employer committed to establish working conditions suitable for people with diverse backgrounds and characteristics.

Research environment

We offer a first-class research environment and interesting career opportunities in science.

Diversity & Inclusion

The WSL D&I office is fostering the integration of all employees and serves as point of contact in case of discrimination, harassment or conflicts.

Staff council

The staff council ensures the employee participation at the WSL.

Environmental Management

As a environmental research institution, it is a question of credibility to measure and continuously improve our ecological footprint.

IT security

The aim of IT security is to reduce damaging events for WSL, its employees, customers and partners to a minimum.


Human Resources

As an employer that is part of the ETH Domain and one of the four Swiss federal research institutes, research work and a passion for nature can be combined at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL).

Our remit is to undertake cutting-edge research for man and the environment for which we employ nationally and internationally-qualified specialists with broad fields of expertise.

Training and professional development are regarded by the WSL as being critically important. Our staff have the benefit of attractive, modern working conditions as well as a friendly and pleasant working environment. A clear organisational structure, transparent communication and the receipt of continual new, exciting commissions serve to exert a further positive impact on this.

Pension Fund

Research Integrity at WSL (more information)