We operate the central IT and telecommunications infrastructure of WSL and SLF as well as support and maintain applications. A large part of our resources is dedicated to the avalanche warning platform on and to presenting our researcher’s activities in  the web. Together with the scientists we develop innovative solutions for their research projects. The span goes from specially prepared mobile phones to complex databases or a computer with over 450 CPUs.

IT Helpdesk

E-Mail: helpdesk[at]
Phone Birmensdorf: +41 44 739 23 13
Phone Davos: +41 81 417 03 13

IT Security

Information and the equipment used to process it constitute valuable and protected property of WSL. The aim of all IT security activities is to reduce the frequency and impact of damaging events for WSL, its employees, customers and partners to a minimum. WSL deals with all aspects of IT security in a consistent, comprehensive and planned manner and within an ethically, economically and legally justifiable framework. The use of WSL's IT infrastructure is defined by binding regulations.


Computer and IT Services

Stephan Röthlisberger

Head of Support Unit

IT Support

IT Team Birmensdorf

Nico Grubert


Leon Blum


Marcus Bolton

IT System Specialist

Jennifer Commons

IT System Specialist

Klaus Ethgen

System specialist

Thomas Kramer

Temporary help / IT system specialist

Wei Li

IT System Specialist

Filip Ristevski


Christian Wessalowski

IT specialist

IT Team Davos

Manuel Sonder


Sebastian Belz

IT-System Engineer

Yannis Elia Huber


Armanda Pitschi

IT Supporter

Markus Reinhardt

IT-System Engineer

Andreas Roveretto

IT specialist

Fynn Silas Schmutz