Communication unit

Head: Birgit Ottmer

The Communication unit is responsible for public relations (e.g. media activities, the website, the WSL’s DIAGONAL magazine, events) and is also in charge of internal communications. It supports researchers in the transfer of knowledge to industry and authorities by creating publications, organising conferences and providing suitable offers on the Internet.

The unit also provides technical and methodological support and communication consulting services to the directorate and all WSL employees. As such, its tasks focus on backing strategies and providing services; it also acts as the point of contact for internal and external bodies.


The WSL values active, open and honest communication. The public must be able to know – and should know – what research their taxes are funding and how useful this research is for society as a whole. This also applies to politicians, as they represent the public, and the media, which is an important intermediary between the public and the WSL. Of course, we ensure that our findings can be accessed by any interested parties, particularly stakeholders from industry and the authorities; similarly, we rely on feedback from these stakeholders. Last but not least, research would be impossible without close exchange with fellow researchers from around the world. As such, all WSL employees are responsible for communication.



Birgit Ottmer

Head of Support Unit, Member of Directors Board, Head of Planning and Logistics a.i.

Communication Davos, SLF

Cornelia Accola-Gansner


Jochen Bettzieche-Keber

Editorial management DIAGONAL, news editing, web publishing

Martin Heggli

Media relations, guided tours, web publishing

Claudia Hoffmann

DIAGONAL, news editor, web publishing

Christine Huovinen

Visiting scientist

Roman Oester

Responsible for and social media

Communication WSL

Lisa Bose


Andreas Bättig

Temporary employee

Fabienne Laura Frey


Michèle Kaennel Dobbertin

Administrative staff member

Beate Kittl

(press relations officer); absent until 1.7.24

Stephanie Kusma

WSL magazine Diagonal, Social Media

Gottardo Pestalozzi

Media relations, italian communication and guided tours


Sandra Gurzeler

Groupleader, layout, design, print coordination

Jacqueline Annen

Administrative staff member

Clarissa Barbara Bräg

Web publisher

Angie Paola Celis

Temporary employee

Doris Hölling

Scientific staff member

Martin Moritzi

Knowledge transfer, WSL fact sheet, Waldwissen

Thomas Reich

Administrative staff member

Susanne Senn-Raschle

Event Support

Zeljka Vulovic

Administrative staff member

Manuel Gabriel Weber

Temporary employee