2. TreeMig Workshop



WSL Birmensdorf, Englersaal

Organised by:



Heike Lischke



Type of event:

Congresses and conferences

The WSL Biodiversity Center and the Dynamic Macroecology group are pleased to announce the upcoming second workshop on TreeMig, a forest landscape model developed and used at WSL.

TreeMig - ever heard of it? TreeMig is a forest landscape model developed and used at WSL. It simulates how different tree species develop and spread across Switzerland (and beyond) under the influence of climate, dispersal capabilities and intra- and inter species competition. These aspects make TreeMig a prime candidate to model several important aspects of forest stands such as basal area, leaf area index or stem numbers under the influence of climate change, from the stand to the country scale. It can be complemented by scenarios of disturbances, land use, management or also invasive species.

 Have you always wanted to know what's behind it, how it works and what applications are possible with it? Thanks to the new R-Package with integrated graphical user interface (GUI), in this workshop you too - whether you are an experienced forest modeller, forest scientist or simply curious - can experiment with TreeMig and discuss potential applications for your own projects.

This workshop is a repetition of last year’s workshop, however using an improved version of the software.

The workshop consists of 2 parts:

  • Morning:
    • Introduction of TreeMig and its applications 
    • Introduction of the new R-Package and GUI 
    • First simple, practical exercise with TreeMig 
  • Afternoon: 
    • Further practical exercises with the GUI and R scripts
    • Integrating own input data
    • Extending the wrapper with own models in R, e.g. for management or disturbances
    • Discussion of further applications and collaborations


We recommend attendance for the entire workshop. However, it is also possible to attend only in the morning or, if you have basic knowledge of TreeMig, only in the afternoon.

The morning session will be hybrid (in-person attendance and live-streaming for online participants), and the afternoon session will be in-person only.


Registration is open to WSL staff members and external participants, and it is free of charge.

Limited seats available.

Deadline: 23 February 2024