Dynamic Macroecology

Dynamic macroecology conducts ecological and biodiversity research over large spatial and long temporal extents, and specifically focusses on the temporal trends. Our group contributes to the foundation of dynamic macroecology by developing data, models and theories that explain the determinants and processes of species distributions, species diversity and their interactions with drivers from regional to global scales and from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene. With our data, models and theoretical foundations we contribute to mitigate global change impacts on biodiversity (taxonomic, phylogenetic, functional) and on ecosystems, to ecological restoration, and to better planning and management of biodiversity, and to biodiversity conservation.

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New Intern

Apr 15: Manuel Popp started his internship in the projext "plapp" led by Philipp Brun (with Dirk & Nick) on testing the new Flor-ID part of the FlorApp.


TreeMig Framework Workshop on Feb 28 led by Heike Lischke

TreeMig is a dynamic forest landscape model that is now easily usable and freely available. 40 scientists attended the workshop on the TreeMig framework. They heard lectures about the model and its applications, but most importantly, they learned how to run various simulations at the workshop. Lively discussions and numerous ideas for future applications resulted from these exercises.

More information: here

Europe-wide data set on plant ecological indicator values

Ellenberg’s ecological indicator values are widely used for bioindication to quantify environmental conditions and their changes based on plant species. Across Europe, 31 indicator value systems with over 11000 species have now been combined into a Europe-wide system (EIVE 1.0). DME contributed to the publication by evaluating the new indicator values using independent bioclimatic data (CHELSA).

Contact: Michael Nobis

More information: read the paper here


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Dynamic macroecology

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