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The Sandoz Family Foundation Programme for Academic Promotion has awarded Charlotte Grossiord at EPFL and WSL a two-year renewable grant.

Snow and avalanches

Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular, but the same rule applies as with other winter sports: beware of avalanches.


The GenTree project on the genetic resources of forest trees, in which WSL was involved, has received the "Etoiles de l'Europe" award.

Snow and avalanches

Who is behind the avalanche bulletin and what do avalanche forecasters do in summer? In the video interview, three of them give exciting insights.

Services and products

DNA samples show that the European hare migrates upwards and drives out the mountain hare. DIAGONAL reports on the search for hare droppings.


How do genes and the environment shape together the survival and growth of forest trees? A WSL scientist received an ERC grant to answer this.


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