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How it came about that a WSL device is measuring the earth’s surface microwave radiation in Tibet; Mike Schwank reports in the WSL blog.

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Why do we investigate extreme events? In order to find ways of dealing with what in future may be normal. Find out more in a DIAGONAL interview.


Swiss ecosystems are heavily polluted and reduction targets have not been met. This is revealed in a SCNAT factsheet with WSL co-authors.

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Thanks to research, monitoring and warning systems, people are better protected from rock falls today. Read more about it in a new DIAGONAL article.

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The new DIAGONAL is anything but normal! Read about our research on huge landslides, bone-dry summers and plants as survival artists.

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28.10.2020 contains over 2800 articles in four languages on forests. The new design is optimised for mobile devices and offers new features.


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19. January 2021 19 January 2021

Myriad fates await carbon fixed by the biosphere into organic matter. Elucidating these fates, and their sensitivity to anthropogenic change, is…

16. February 2021 16 February 2021

The Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) envisions a world in which research to understand global change challenges and opportunities in mountains is…

9. March 2021 9 March 2021

Bringen ökonomische Argumente den Naturschutz wirksam voran, oder müsste der Eigenwert der Natur wieder stärker in den Mittelpunkt rücken? Zu dieser…