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Modernised zoomable snow maps with enhanced data basis

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The SLF has thoroughly revised its popular snow maps. They are now being displayed on a modern map platform.


The data collected by the automated measuring stations of the SLF are now also incorporated in the ‘new snow’ and ‘comparative snow depth’ maps, which improves the image presentation of the snow situation at higher altitudes above 2000 m in particular. Snow depths are depicted using models of the SLF’s operational snow-hydrological service (OSHD). These deliver high-resolution information about snow depths in the field. All maps can now be updated daily during the snow season because they are produced fully automatically. Depending on the individual product, they are published between 7 and 9 am CET.

To permit easy orientation, the zoomable snow maps are presented against the background of Swisstopo maps. The map platform offers additional options. Users can opt to see 1-day new snow depth or the sum of the 1-day depths measured over 3 or 7 days (information about the new snow map). Snow depths can be shown for all altitudes or for specific altitude zones (information about the snow depth map). Comparative snow depths, based on a comparison of the current depth with the long-term average, can be viewed for intermediate altitudes between 1000 m and 2000 m or for high altitudes between 2000 m and 3000 m (information about the comparative snow depth map). With all maps, in addition, the values measured by the stations can be shown or hidden. In the course of December an additional ‘snow profiles’ map will be made available as well, which allows the retrieval of selected snow profiles.