Digital Analytics and Robotics for Sustainable Forestry

Project lead

Janine Schweier


Leo Bont

Project staff

Holger Griess

Project duration

2022 - 2026

Cooperation Financing

In DIGIFOREST, we propose a system which can transform forestry management. It is centered on the collection of detailed and diverse forest growth data using mobile robots, its analysis with artificial intelligence and its presentation to forestry operators to support decision making and selective logging. The mission of DIGIFOREST is to develop the technology needed to achieve sustainable digital forestry. It includes fundamental science for mobile robotic navigation (multi-sensor motion tracking, 3D mission planning etc.) and data-driven semantic mapping.
As a result, highly detailed geographic data will be presented to a human supervisor, enabling him/her to make informed decisions and to plan the deployment of a mobile robot harvester to selectively intervene in an environmental manner.

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