Fungal diversity based on eDNA from spore traps in the Lodano forest reserve (TI)

Project duration

2022 - 2024

Cooperation Financing

The Canton of Ticino (Museo cantonale di storia naturale and Ufficio della natura e del paesaggio) is planning to monitor the fungi in the "Riserva Forestale della Valle di Lodano" in 2022/2023. On a total of 60 sample areas of 20x20 m each, as many fungal species as possible are to be recorded. In addition to field mycologists searching the sample areas twice, new genetic methods will also be used. For this purpose, samples will be collected from all sample areas with the help of passive spore traps. The airborne spores of the locally occurring fungal species will be collected on filter papers, which will then be genetically identified using so-called environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis. WSL will provide 30 spore traps for the project and carry out the necessary genetic analyses.