Revision of the Red List of the threatened macrofungi in Switzerland

With almost 10'000 known species, fungi are among the most species-rich groups of organisms in Switzerland and play key ecological roles. In 2007, the distribution and threat levels of Switzerland's macrofungi, which include around 6'000 species, were assessed according to IUCN criteria and a first Red List of Switzerland's threatened fungi was compiled. However, due to a lack of sufficient data, only about 50 % of all macrofungal species could be evaluated, of which 937 species were classified as endangered. Within the framework of this project, a reassessment of the threat levels is being carried out on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN. Not only will the revised Red List provide information on the development of the species already evaluated, but targeted field surveys will also provide a better data basis for species not previously classified.