The national forest inventory data analysis system NAFIDAS

 The national forest inventory data analysis system (NAFIDAS) allows producing reliable result tables and maps using data of the Swiss national forest inventory (NFI) or data of regional inventories following the NFI method. NAFIDAS consists of three major components: A web application for management, documentation and reporting, databases for storage and the data analysis application for analysis. To produce such result tables the user can start the graphical user interface of NAFIDAS in a web browser and select the necessary parameters, such as inventory cycle, target variable etc. The menu navigation supports the configuration of the evaluation as much as possible and guarantees a valid combination of parameters. These are the basis for the calculation of estimations in the data analysis application of NAFIDAS (DAA). After starting an evaluation, the DAA reads the inventory data directly from the data base (real-time processing) and provides the calculated result tables back to the web browser. The set of parameters as well as the calculated values in the result table are stored in a database accessible to all users. Hence, the result tables are reproducible any time.