Scope of supply

With BatScope, you can

  • transfer recordings from BatLogger and other devices to a database on your computer.
  • search, filter and sort your database of recordings using a large selection of filtering options.
  • view spectrograms and play your recordings at different speeds.
  • cut recordings into single vocalizations.
  • automatically analyze and classify calls to species.
  • export your data and results to easily share them with other users.
  • directly open recordings in Raven.
  • view GPS records of recordings mapped in Google Earth.

With BatScope 4, you can additionally 

  • play back your recordings in frequency divisionheterodyne or real time mode.
  • use six different classification systems.
  • check your species classifications against recording location and species distribution.
  • define and save custom workflows and filters and exchange them with other users.
  • compare your recordings to reference recordings directly in BatScope.
  • share your verified classifications with the WSL to allow us to improve the software.

System Requirements

  • Mac with macOS 10.10 or newer, PC with Windows 7+
  • 8 GB RAM, 2 GHz dual core CPU 


If you are using BatScope 4 in your work, please cite it as following, including the http-link:

Obrist, M.K., Boesch, R. (2018) BatScope manages acoustic recordings, analyses calls, and classifies bat species automatically. Can. J. Zool.(96): 939-954. doi: 10.1139/cjz-2017-0103.




This is the first final release of BatScope 4

Please report problems asap to batscope(at)

  • BatScope can analyze recordings of Batloggers and assign them to bat species.
  • The species assignment can only be as good as the references available to the WSL. Signals, that do not occur in these files, including noises, will be assigned to the species most similar to these. Thus erroneous species assignments will occur. We are working at WSL to increase the reference set to improve BatScope.
  • After an automatic analysis and classification, a critical review of the results will always be necessary. For that task, you have to be knowledgeable of the diversity of echolocation in bats and be experienced in the analysis of acoustic signals. Only then will it be possible to critically judge the species assignments of BatScope.
  • By clicking the download link below, you confirm that you have read this warning and that you will be careful in the use of BatScope and the interpretation of its results.
  • The following link will lead you to the download folder of BatScope4 on SWITCHdrive!
  • There, select your preferred installation to download:  -.dmg for Apple macOS  or for PC Windows.

Further information and multimedia

See page "bats" with additional information on bat related work at WSL.