EnviDat Data Portal

EnviDat is the WSL data portal providing unified and managed access to environmental monitoring and research data. The portal has the capability to host and publish data sets. Through the sharing of unique and high-value data sets worldwide, EnviDat fosters research and contributes to advancing environmental science.

The amount and quality of environmental data is rapidly increasing worldwide. This opens unprecedented opportunities for advancing science through the distribution and sharing of data and through new national and international collaborations. Data sets from long-term environmental monitoring and research are particularly valuable.

We have a long tradition in data collection and data sets include time series spanning over 100 years. We operate a comprehensive network for environmental research that includes more than six thousand monitoring or observation sites for studying forests, biodiversity, landscapes, snow, permafrost, and natural hazards. We also successfully operate web- and data-portals and have extensive experience in the management and curation of data from long-term monitoring and other research activities.

With the Program EnviDat we develop a unified and managed access portal for WSL's rich reservoir of environmental monitoring and research data. EnviDat is designed as a portal to publish, connect and search across existing data but is not intended to become a large data centre hosting original data. While sharing of data is centrally facilitated, data management remains decentralised and the know-how and responsibility to curate research data remains with the original data providers.

Key features of EnviDat currently are data publication, assignment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs; persistent digital identifiers used to uniquely identify objects such as journal articles and data sets), and search functionalities that enable efficient searching across the wide range of environmental research data and metadata available at WSL.