Current project at the WSL:

Doctoral student in the research group Torrents and Mass movements at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and the Department of Environmental System Science at ETH Zürich. Project: Investigating debris flow mechanics using flume experiments and field-based 3D LiDAR sensors.

Research interests:

  • Mass movements

    •  Particular focus on shallow landslides and debris flows

    • Soil erosion

  • Landslide susceptibility and hazard assessment

  • Satellite and aerial remote sensing


Since 2021: Doctoral student, Swiss Federal Research Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), Birmensdorf, Switzerland.

2019 – 2022: MSc in Earth Science, programme Earth Surface and Water, track Geohazards and Earth Observations, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Thesis: Effects of flow properties and bed conditions on debris flow erosion in Illgraben, Switzerland.

2014 – 2017: BSc in Geography, Stockholm University, Swedne. Thesis: Rice-yields under water-saving irrigation management: A meta-analysis.


2021: Internship at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU). Project: A geographical and statistical investigation of a precipitation-triggered multi-landslide event in Jölster, western Norway.

2020: Research assistant at the Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University. Project: Examining the seismic signature of debris flows using physical modelling.

2018 – 2019: Substitute study advisor at the Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University.