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ENERGYSCAPE: Landscape strategy for renewable energy systems


This project focuses on assessing public judgments of the landscape effects stimulated by a mix of renewable energy systems in Swiss landscapes. The ultimate goal is the formulation of recommendations for a prioritization of such systems in the different Swiss landscapes, as a basis for a sectoral energy plan. Using state-of-the-art virtual visual-acoustic simulations of the renewable energy system developments in the various landscapes, we will give participants the opportunity to develop judgments for or against planned changes. Physiological and cognitive measurements including a set of indicators to be considered for landscape quality assessment will be used to assess the acceptability of the judgments for the planned development. Recommendations will then be developed in an iterative process with the institutions and practice. Contributing herewith to fast implementation procedures will secure competitiveness of Swiss energy providers. Further information about the project and the project team is available on the PLUS-ETH Website ENERGYSCAPE.