With or without livestock - how to sustain and preserve biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and services of grasslands

Pedro Tognetti

Instituto de Investigaciones Fisiológicas y Ecológicas Vinculadas a la Agricultura
CONICET and Facultad de Agronomía
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Av. San Martin 4453, C1417DSE, CABA, Argentina


Fellowship Period: 08.2022-06.2023

As a plant ecologist, I explore patterns and processes of community assembly and diversity maintenance in grasslands. My motivation is to set scientific basis to understand the impact of different global change drivers on plant communities and to potentially restore grassland biodiversity in agricultural and human modified landscapes. I collaborate with diverse groups on the impacts of plant invasion, nutrient addition, and herbivore loss on spatial and temporal dynamics of natural and managed grasslands.

Activities within WSL Fellowship

The stay had two main objectives. First, to advance with common research agenda with Dr. Anita Risch and colleagues within the Nutrient Network. In this line, I studied how herbivores and nutrient addition interactively affect the global patterns of legume abundance and described the bundles of ecosystem services or benefit to society provided by global rangelands. Second, with researchers from WSL, SLF and research institutions from South America, we applied, and successfully obtained the highly competitive international funding SNF-SPIRIT. This project, running between 2024-2028, unveils the impact of livestock exclusion on the structure, functioning and ecosystem-service provision of Rio de la Plata Grasslands. Importantly, this project will cover managed grasslands across Argentine, Brazil, and Uruguay, with a broad integrative north-south connection. Finally, during my stay I sincerely feel that I have deeply integrated into scientific, cultural, and social activities at WSL, and into the Swiss lifestyle.

Cooperation within WSL

Interne Kontakte (Datensätze)

Cooperation outside of WSL