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Environmental management at WSL

For many years, WSL has been using the available resources with responsibility and taking ecological issues into account. As a research institute, focusing on sustainability, it is a question of credibility for us to assess our environmental impact and to continuously reduce our footprint.

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Environmental policy

As an environmental research institute, it is important to us to handle available resources with responsibility and to monitor our impact.


Besides the internal targets, WSL needs to meet various environmental goals set by the federal organizations.

Key activities

Over the years we have been implementing a wide range of activities to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.


The Environmental Group supports the Environmental Officer in the environmental management.

Campus Area

At our Birmensdorf site, in addition to the experimental garden and research facilities, there are also wetland biotopes, meadows and a stream.

Environmental Data

WSL publishes its Environmental Report every 3 years and makes the most recent environmental data annually publicly available.


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