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Simone during field work in Ticino.
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Group excursion to Murg SG with optimal weather, 2022.
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Cankers caused by Cryphonectria parasitica (chestnut blight) in Murg SG.
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Cryphonectria parasitica (Chestnut blight) in culture.
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Fungal isolates from broadleaf tree seeds.
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Inoculation experiment in the greenhouse.
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Plants in the biosafety level 3 greenhouse.
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Petiole with fruiting bodies of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (Ash die back) on an Ash leaf.
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Fishing for Phytophthora spp (River-Baiting).
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Isolation of Phytophthora spp from Baiting-leaves.
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Phytophthora cinnamomi in culture.
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post-PCR lab in the plant protection laboratory.
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Fieldwork in rough terrain.
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Symptoms of ink disease in the field.
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Socialising after work.
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Tree surgery. Experimental biocontrol of chestnut blight.
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Armillaria fruiting bodies grown in the lab.
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Carolina on a short scientific mission in Palencia, Spain. Work with Fuasrium circinatum.
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Inoculation of Cryphonectria radicalis on wood blocks in the lab.
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Loading a FLO-MIN114 flowcell for the Nanopore MinION.