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Scientific Service NFI

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Head: Dr. Christoph Fischer

The National Forest Inventory (NFI) is a sample survey of the Swiss Forest. It provides valuable information of long duration about Swiss Forests that is up to date and relevant to society. It creates products that are of high value to the research community, politics and forest practice. The Scientific Service NFI conceives, implements and coordinates the corresponding activities and the field survey.

Our tasks are

  • Preparing analyses of demands for content and products covered by the NFI
  • Developing the data catalog, survey methods and field manual
  • Evaluating equipment and carrying out pilot inventories
  • Organizing, conducting and quality control of the field survey
  • Defining and deriving indicators for a sustainable forest development
  • Developing the web-interface for data analysis
  • Conceiving and implementing NFI products
  • Creating national and international forest reports
  • Developing and maintaining
  • Analyzing and providing NFI data to third parties
  • Advising and supporting partners regarding large scale inventories
  • Collaborating with partners on impact analyses concerning the NFI