Sustainable Forestry

The Research Group focuses on the provision of ecosystem services and the efficient use of biomass as a natural resource. Management solutions for the provision of ecosystem services are investigated, including sustainable forestry under the environmental and economic challenges of climate change. Further, to address the increasing demand for sustainable energy sources, the potential of wood and other biomass resources for energy is investigated.

Main research questions

  • Ecosystem services: What management solutions can be designed to ensure in the long-term multiple, balanced and sustainable provision of biodiversity and forest ecosystem services (e.g. protective functions of mountain forests), including the supply of woody biomass?
  • Sustainable Forest Operations: What is the impact of forest operations on the various forest ecosystem services and how can operations be carried out in a safer, environmental-friendly and economically sustainable way to contribute to a bio-economy?
  • Forest economy in a changing environment: How to ensure rewarding conditions for forest enterprises and a viable resource market?
  • Bioenergy: What is the energetic potential of forest wood and other (woody and non-woody) biomass resources in Switzerland and what is the role of bioenergy in a climate-changing world and in a circular economy?
  • Forest digitalization: How can different sources of unstructured data (sensor based data, remote sensing data, machine data, etc.) be merged and used to develop models that support the future provision of ecosystem services as well as responsiveness in case of extreme events?


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Sustainable Forestry

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