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Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry

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Head:Dr. Jörg Luster a.i.

The Research Unit (photo of the unit members) investigates how properties and functions of forest soils (e.g. nutrient availability) and biogeochemical processes (e.g. C mineralisation) depend on external factors such as contaminant input, climatic change and forest management. On the micro scale, the Research Unit develops experimental and analytical tools to study pathways and processes in the rhizosphere.

Our research focuses on:



Soil and cycles

We monitor and measure how environmental influences alter the living conditions in the forest soil and study the processes that occur in root areas.

Soil water

We investigate the chemical and physical properties of water in soils to provide the forest sector with basics for decision-making concerning...

Soil protection

We are looking for indicators for the state of soils and investigate how forest soils can be protected.


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