Compatibility of family and career

There may be periods in our lives when juggling the demands of work and family can be exhausting and stressful. At WSL we understand this and offer support during such times. WSL promotes the compatibility of family and career through various measures, for example:

  • We offer flexible working arrangements and part-time work for parents.
  • In the event of maternity, female employees are entitled to a four-month suspension of work with full continued payment of wages (legal requirement: 14 weeks with 80% of the salary). Fathers are entitled to 20 days paternity leave (legal requirement: 14 days)
  • People with caring responsibilities can book a free compatibility coaching session at the Fachstelle UND.
  • In our Birmensdorf and Davos sites there are rooms/quiet areas available for mothers and fathers to spend time with their children. 
  • In cooperation with kihz, WSL organizes a vacation week during the school summer break, enabling parents from all over the ETH Domain to have their children looked after for a week by a professional team at the institute.
  • On “Future Day” we invite the children of our employees to our WSL/SLF sites, where they get a glimpse of the work their parents do and learn about various areas of research.