DIGIPLAN - Evaluating Spatial Planning Practices with Digital Plan Data

Project lead

Anna Hersperger


Silvia Tobias

Project staff

Anna Hersperger
Silvia Tobias

Project duration

2020 - 2021


The aim of this international project is to assess the extent, organisation and financing of digitisation of plan data as well as the use of these data in ESPON member countries.

Digitisation in public administration is gaining momentum in many European countries and spatial planning is no exception. The digitisation process is driven by ideas of efficiency, ideas of participation and improved public service, and an aspiration for new economic growth and business opportunities based on this data. Despite the potential impact on planning processes, knowledge on the contribution of these new data sets to policy making is rare.

DIGIPLAN analyses the digitalisation of plan data in context of the national planning systems including methods for evaluation with digital plan data and how planning is actually represented in such data. Furthermore, DIGIPLAN compares the digitalisation of plan data in European countries, including scope, organization, financing as well as the current and potential future uses of digital planning. In an additional in-depth case study, six countries are examined, whereby the WSL examines Switzerland and Germany.

More information and the final report can be found on the ESPON website: www.espon.eu/digiplan



  • Danish Housing and Planning Authority (lead stakeholder), DK

  • Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, NO

  • Swiss Federal Office of Spatial Development, CH


  • University of Copenhagen (lead contractor), DK

  • Nordregio, SE

  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NO