Gestione del progetto

Esther Frei


Christian Rixen

Personale del progetto

Peter Bebi
Christian Rixen
Lia Lechler

Durata del progetto

2022 - 2023


The European Long-term treeline Ecosystem Research (eLTER) site Stillberg, Switzerland, was established in 1975. In almost 50 years, we have collected a wealth of ecological and environmental data. With this ETH-Domain ORD Program Contribute Project we aim at curating and uploading the existing data to national and international ORD platforms (EnviDat, DEIMS-SDR). The enhanced data availability and quality will foster transdisciplinary global research syntheses, improving our understanding of long-term ecosystem processes and supporting the development of adequate adaptation strategies.



Lechler, L., C. Rixen, P. Bebi, M. Bavay, M. Marty, I. Barbeito, M.A. Dawes, F. Hagedorn, F. Krumm, P. Möhl, M. Schaub, & E.R. Frei (2023). Five decades of ecological and meteorological data enhance the mechanistic understanding of global change impacts on the treeline ecotone. Available at