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Dr. Samuel Weber



Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF
Flüelastrasse 11
7260 Davos Dorf


Davos Da C 1 55


About me

I graduated from University of Zurich (Switzerland) in August 2018. My PhD thesis entitled “Rock slope dynamics in bedrock permafrost: insights across scales” focused on the acquisition and analysis of unique time series (up to 10 years of fracture kinematics data and 3 years of broadband acoustic/micro-seismic data) in steep mountain permafrost, contributed to an improved understanding of frost cracking as well as rock slope movement and constitutes a baseline for future early warning systems. After a subsequent postdoc position at ETH Zurich, I got the opportunity for research at TU Munich supported by a competitive fellowship. During 1.5 years, I gained practical experience in the private company SensAlpin where I was responsible for implementing warning and alarm systems for alpine natural hazards. Since autumn 2021, I do research at the SLF Davos being part of the research group Permafrost and research center CERC.

My research vision is (1) to improve the understanding of processes in mountain permafrost leading to rock slope destabilization or potentially preparing rock slope failure and (2) to monitor critical locations combining different observations with the goal to design an early warning system for rock slope instabilities. In this context the role of water as well as a combined approach equally utilizing in-situ measurements and numerical modeling is to be pursued.