21st century evolution of small glaciers and their impact on regional hydrology in the Himalayas (ETERNALHIM)


Daniel Farinotti


Matthias Huss


2023 - 2026

Kooperation Finanzierung

This research project sets out to shed light on key aspects related to small Himalayan glaciers, as well as to their hydrological relevance. Focusing on glaciers smaller than 2 km2 , it aims at better characterizing their present state based on improved observational techniques at a benchmark site, their future evolution using enhanced glaciological process-based models, and their effect on local to regional hydrology with a special focus on future changes in interannual variability. The project builds upon a combination of in situ and remote observations, as well as upon process-based numerical analysis that includes both glaciological modelling at high spatial resolution and streamflow modelling at local to regional scales.