G4B: Grasslands for biodiversity: supporting the protection of the biodiversity-rich grasslands and related management practices in the Alps and Carpathians


Catherine Graham


Catherine Graham


Robert Pazur


2023 - 2026

Kooperation Finanzierung

Semi-natural grasslands are among the most species-rich habitats in Europe but have sharply declined in recent decades. The project will assess the natural conditions and management activities that influence grassland plant diversity in the Alps and Carpathians which have diverse land-uses, biodiversity hotspots and good data coverage. Using multitemporal earth observation (EO) data (eg, satellite and aerial imagery, climate, soils), we will predict grassland diversity and management regimes over the two mountain ranges. In cooperation with stakeholders, we will identify the challenges and opportunities to adjust management regimes towards securing and enhancing their biodiversity and extending their protection network.