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Dr. Daniel Scherrer



Scientific staff member


Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi HL D 25



04.2007 – 07.2010

PhD at the botanical institute of the University of Basel, Switzerland
"Infra-red thermometry in alpine terrain", supervised by Prof. Ch. Körner (Project Ecochange)

10.2005 – 03.2007

Master of Science in Ecology, University of  Basel, Switzerland
"Local extinction risk, colonisation probability and spatial spread of the alpine Geum reptans on a glacier foreland in the Swiss Alps", supervised by Prof. J. Stöcklin

10.2002 –09.2005

Bachelor of Science in organismic biology, University of Basel, Switzerland


Professional experience

since 01.2019

Scientific staff member at the WSL (Group Disturbance Ecology
Swiss-wide spatial and temporal modelling of forest associations and forest recruitment. (Vorprojekt zu Veg2021)

10.2013 – 09.2018

PostDoc / Junior Lecturer at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Group ECOSPAT)
Scientific research in the fields of biogeography, community ecology and spatial modelling. Teaching of courses at graduate and undergraduate level.

07.2011 – 09.2013

Travelling the World (AUS, NZ, SE-Asia, Russia, Mongolia)
Practical experience with different ecosystems and improvement of language skills.

05.2011 –06.2011

Civil service at the Museum-BL, Switzerland
Development and implementation of a taxonomic backbone for the natural history collection of the museum.

08.2010 –04.2011

PostDoc at the University of Basel, Switzerland
Drought-sensitivity of deciduous tree species. (Projekt MatchTree).

04.2007 –07.2010

PhD Candidate at the University of Basel, Switzerland
Infra-red thermometry of alpine and arctic landscapes (Projekt Ecochange).


Reseach interests

I am an ecologist working in multiple fields including ecophysiology, bioinformatics and climatology. During my PhD I studied the influence of micro-climate on the spatial distribution of artic/alpine plant species and their expected reaction to global warming. Further research projects included the effect of drought on deciduous tree species, various technical as well as applied aspects of species distribution modelling and community ecology.

Reseachgate       Google Scholar        ReseacherID: K-3416-2013