LWF-PfynWorkshop 2015

Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Zürcherstrasse 111, 8903 Birmensdorf 16 November 2015, Auditorium

We are pleased, to welcome you to the forthcoming LWF-Pfynwald Workshop on 16 November 2015 at WSL Birmensdorf. While the annual LWF Apéro has a long tradition, we are happy to announce a slightly different stage for this year. The LWF Apéro and the annual Pfynwald Workshop are being merged to one event.

While the LWF research program puts emphasize on long-term monitoring, the Irrigation Experiment at Pfynwald allows for experimental long-term monitoring, with TreeNet and Sanasilva, the most prominent projects being established on both platforms.

We are keen on sharing and discussing your ideas and the latest project results from the fields of long-term monitoring, tree mortality, wood anatomy, NSC dynamics, carbon- and water cycles, nutrient budget, root growth and decomposition, dendrochronology, isotope analysis, vegetation composition and remote sensing.
Furthermore, we are proud to welcome Nate McDowell from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Christian Körner from the University of Basel as invited key-note speakers. They both have agreed to perform a „friendly debate“ on the different perspectives on carbon starvation and hydraulic failure under climate change.

Please, find following the Program as well as the Directions to the WSL. Lunch and beverages are offered by the LWF research program and the Research unit Forest Dynamics. After the workshop, you are kindly invited to join us for the annual LWF Apéro with wine and cheese.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

On behalf of the LWF,
Marcus Schaub

Presentations & podcasts on YouTube

Schaub M, Introduction

vonArx G, Form fits function

Schoenbeck L, NSC dynamics in drought-stressed trees

Herzog C, Long-term irrigation affects root growth and decomposition in a drought stresses Alpine Scots pine forest

Solly E, Irrigation alters the 'C age' but not the physiological age of fine roots

Hagedorn F, Soil carbon cycling under drought

Bugmann H, Typically, it's neither carbon starvation nor hydraulic failure

Timofeeva G, Long‐term effects of drought on tree‐ring growth and tree ecophysiology in Pfynwald

Siegwolf R, Is the combined C und O isotop approach still relevant?

Lindner T, Foliar concentrations of macro-and micronutrients between 2004 and 2014 response to irrigation at Pfynwald

Vollenweider P, Undergrowth removal in Salgesch: a complementary experiment on the responses of low elevation pine forests to changed land use in a warmer climate

Boesch R, Thermal remote sensing

Augustin S, State and development of drought in Swiss forests

Zweifel R, TreeNet – the biological drought and growth indicator network

Schramm O, Langfristige Waldökosystem Forschung LWF - Der Weg der Daten

Gessler A & Rigling A, Swiss Forest Labs



The workshop team