Pfyn Workshop 2024

Program of the 6th Pfynwald Workshop, Englersaal, WSL Birmensdorf, 7 March 2024

Time Titel Presenter
09:00 Welcome & Intro
09:10 Hölstein - a Forest without Rain
09:30 VPDrought in a Nutshell – a Novel Approach to Disentangle Atmospheric and Soil Drought
09:50 VPDrought - from Alpine Pumping to Climatic Canopy Gradients
10:10 From the Forest to Figures: The Lifecycle of Pfynwald's Data
10:30 Coffee break  
10:50 Insights from Geophysical Imaging of the Below Ground and Tree Trunks in Pfynwald
11:10 Short and Long-Term Responses of Soil CO2 Effluxes under Drought
11:30 Radial Stem Growth and Tree Water Deficit
11:50 Lunch break  
13:00 Twenty Years of Irrigation Acclimation is Driven by Denser Canopies in Pinus sylvestris
13:20 Plant Hydraulic Adjustments to Varying VPD and Soil Moisture: Model Predictions
13:40 Microwave Radiometry of Vegetated Land
14:00 Predicting Ecosystem Productivity and Transpiration Using an Optimality-based Theory of Photosynthesis and Hydraulics
14:20 Coffee break  
14:40 Tree-ring Isotopes Indicate Acclimation
15:00 InSitu Isotope Measurements and Isotope Fractionation
15:20 Defoliation, Metabolites and Beyond
15:40 3D Tree - An Alternative Visualization Approach for Complex Data
16:00 Wrap up & Apéro