PhD Research

Annie is currently in her first year of PhD. With a MSc degree in Environmental Engineering and specialisation in Water Resources Management, Annie now focuses her research on drought forecasts in Switzerland and the European Alps at sub-seasonal time scale with a weather pattern approach using machine learning algorithms. Her PhD is a joint project in both the Hydrological Forecasts group of Massimiliano Zappa at WSL and the Atmospheric Predictability group of Daniela Domeisen at ETH. The collaboration of these two groups allows her to explore the connection between large scale weather pattern and local hydrological events.

Grew up in Taiwan, Annie also lived in New Zealand and Canada before moving to Switzerland. As a true globetrotter, Annie enjoys meeting new people and exchange ideas on everything! Connect with Annie on Twitter @annie_yyc and LinkedIn

Education & Experience

2017 - 2020: MSc of Environmental Engineering at EHT, Zurich, Switzerland

2009 - 2014: BSc of Environmental Engineering at University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

2014 - 2017: Municipal Designer at Urbantech Engineering Consultant, Toronto, Canada