At the WSL since 2014:
Data scientist / system engineer (project lead for meteorology/climate observations in the long-term forest ecosystem research programme LWF; support member for various other projects such as for TreeNet, ICOS, GCOS and other projects).


- Project management and system engineering for LWF meteorology
- Design and employment of meteorological instruments, sensors, and stations
- Automation of measurement systems (loggers, embedded systems, cameras)
- Design of solar power and battery systems for remote stations
- Maintenance/development of over 40 stations throughout Switzerland
- Processing of data with R and python on linux servers on-premise and at AWS and Azure
- DB management (relational, NoSQL), visualizations with js (amcharts, highcharts, Shiny)
- Big data processing (incl. machine learning) with Lambda, Spark, Hadoop, and Singularity

WSL contact for/member of:
LWF Meteorology, Agrar- und Forstmeteorologen (no homepage), GCOS, ICOS, TreeNet, Swiss Society for Meteorology (SSM/SGM)

Data sets and apps (selection)

Hörtnag,l L., Eugster, W., Merbold, L., Buchmann, N., Etzold, S., Haesler, R., Haeni, M., Käslin, F., Baur, T., Pluess, P., and Meier, P. (2016). FLUXNET2015 CH-Dav Davos. Switzerland. doi:10.18140/FLX/1440132.

Hörtnagl, L., Eugster, W., Buchmann, N., Paul-Limoges, E., Etzold, S., Haeni, M., Pluess, P., and Baur, T. (2016). FLUXNET2015 CH-Lae Laegern. Switzerland. doi:10.18140/FLX/1440134.

Jucker, T., Caspersen, J., Chave, J., Antin, C., Barbier, N., Bongers, F., Dalponte, M., van Ewijk, K.Y., Forrester, D.I., Haeni, M., Higgins, S.I., Holdaway, R.J., Iida, Y., Lorimer, C., Marshall, P.L., Momo, S., Moncrieff, G.R., Ploton, P., Poorter, L., Rahman, K.A., Schlund, M., Sonké, B., Sterck, F.J., Trugman, A.T., Usoltsev, V.A., Vanderwel, M.C., Waldner, P., Wedeux, B.M.M., Wirth, C., Wöll, H., Woods M., Xiang W., Zimmermann, N.E. and Coomes, D.A. (2016). Global allometric database. figshare. Dataset.

Haeni, M., Gessler, A., Graf Pannatier, E., Jakob, P., Schaub, M., Schmitt, M., Sutter, F., Thimonier, A., Waldner, P., & Rebetez, M. (2016). Long-term forest meteorological data from the Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research Programme (LWF) in Switzerland, from 1996-2016. PANGAEA, data repository. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.868390

Schaub, M., Haeni, M., Hug, C., Gessler, A., & Rigling, A. (2016). Tree measurements 2002-2016 from the long-term irrigation experiment Pfynwald, Switzerland. Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL / SwissForestLab. doi:10.16904/11

Haeni, M., Schönbeck, L., Gessler, A., & Schaub, M. (2016). MODOEKvis: R Shiny visualisation tool for the Model Ecosystem Facility (MODOEK). Zenodo repository: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.55742 (R Schiny code 20KB)

Haeni, M., & Schaub, M. (2016). Ozone risk assessment tool (beta). Shiny application. URL:



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