Current projects

  • EMERGE - Extreme droughts in mountain regions
  • Measuring sublimation in a high-altitude glacierised catchment of the dry Andes

Research interests

  • Glaciology
  • Mountain hydrology
  • Climate change

Selected publications

McCarthy, M., Meier, F., Fatichi, S., Stocker, B. D., Shaw, T. E., Miles, E., ... & Pellicciotti, F. (2022). Glacier contributions to river discharge during the current Chilean megadrought. Earth's Future, 10(10), e2022EF002852.

McCarthy, M., Miles, E., Kneib, M., Buri, P., Fugger, S., & Pellicciotti, F. (2022). Supraglacial debris thickness and supply rate in High-Mountain Asia. Communications Earth & Environment, 3(1), 269.

Miles, E., McCarthy, M., Dehecq, A., Kneib, M., Fugger, S., & Pellicciotti, F. (2021). Health and sustainability of glaciers in High Mountain Asia. Nature Communications, 12(1), 2868.

Jouberton, A., Shaw, T. E., Miles, E., McCarthy, M., Fugger, S., Ren, S., ... & Pellicciotti, F. (2022). Warming-induced monsoon precipitation phase change intensifies glacier mass loss in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(37), e2109796119.

Compagno, L., Huss, M., Miles, E. S., McCarthy, M., Zekollari, H., Dehecq, A., ... & Farinotti, D. (2022). Modelling supraglacial debris-cover evolution from the single-glacier to the regional scale: an application to High Mountain Asia. The Cryosphere, 16(5), 1697-1718.