Women’s Peer Mentoring Group

The Women’s Peer Mentoring Group (PMG) is a self-organized group of early-career female scientists on short-term contracts at WSL/SLF. Our aim is to support the career development of our members by promoting skills and networking.

We have a strong network of affirmed female scientist mentors that support us by sharing their insights into a life in research and help us develop important skills, from grant writing to career planning. Additionally, members enhance research skills and competences through peer-based help.

Numerous speakers and coaches are invited throughout the year to stimulate discussions on important questions. The main focus for the year 23/2024 is “How to best deal with decision making and achieve a good work-life balance as a female scientist” with a focus on female aspects of time management (e.g. success, care, fair, conscious of bias).

Last but not least, the PMG provides a platform where we can support each other both emotionally and practically, striving for a healthier work-life-balanced and informed career path choices.


Dr. María García Martín (maria.garcia-martin@wsl.ch)

Dr. Solène Guenat (solene.guenat@wsl.ch)


Maria Garcia Martin, Co-lead 2022-2024, Land Change Science

Solène GuenatCo-lead 2023-2024, Economics and Social Sciences 

Valentina Vitali, Co-lead 2021-2022, Forest Dynamics

Claudia Guidi, Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry

Deborah Leigh, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology / Ecological Genetics

Margaux Didion-Gency, Community Ecology 

Evrim Ayse Sahan, Forest Dynamics 

Gözde Fatma Cilingir, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology 

Noémie Pichon, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology 

Aline von Atzigen, Economics and Social Sciences 

Virginie Marques, Land Change Science 

Maritza Satama, Economics and Social Sciences 

Eugénie Paul-Limoges, Forest Dynamics 

Mithila Atul Unkule, Forest Health and Biotic Interactions 

Marie-Ange Dahito, Land Change Science 

Jessica Cuartero Moñino, Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry 

Gilda Varliero, Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry 

Kate Johnson, Community Ecology 

Simone Maria Pieber, Forest Dynamics 

Leila Anna Schuh, Forest Health and Biotic Interactions

Stephanie Schwab Cammarano, Land Change Science 

Helena Vallicrosa, EPFL

Esther Elizabeth Dale, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology


Friederike Gebert (2021-2023), Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Shyamolina Ghosh (2021-2023), Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Hristina Hristova (2021-2023), Forest Resources and Management

Maja Ilic (2021-2023), Forest Health and Biotic Interactions

Nissaf Karbout (2021-2023), Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry

Johanna Malle (2021-2023), Land Change Science / Snow and Atmosphere

Elisabet Martinez-Sancho (2020-2023), Forest Dynamics

Ana Beatriz Daunt (2020-2022), Land Change Science

Giulia Mazzotti, Snow and Atmosphere

Carolina Bello (2020-2021), Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

Alessandra Bottero (2019-2020), Research Associate, Forest Dynamics, WSL-SLF

Nathalie Chardon(2019-2021), Community Ecology

Ilka Dubernet (2020-2021), Economics and Social Sciences

Petra D'Odorico (2020-2021), Forest Dynamics

Esther Frei (2019-2020), Research Associate, Forest Dynamics, WSL-SLF

Franziska Gerber (2019-2021), Snow and Permafrost

Charlotte Grossiord (2019-2020), Joint Professorship, Group leader, Leader WSL site Lausanne; Forest Dynamics, Community Ecology, Functional Plant Ecology, EPFL / WSL

Annelen Kahl (2019-2020), CEO at startup SUNWELL Sárl and Scientific Staff Member, Snow and Permafrost, WSL-SLF

Anna Haberkorn (2019-2021), Snow and Permafrost

Amanda Mathys (2020-2021), Forest Resources and Management

Tamaki Ohmura (2020-2021), Economics and Social Sciences

Jeanne Portier (2019-2021),  Forest Resources and Management

Flurina Wartmann (2019-2020), Lecturer, Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Clare Webster (2020-2021), Mountain Hydrology & Mass Movement

Yasmine Willi (2019-2021), Economics and Social Sciences

Chunhong Zhao (2019-2020), PostDoc, Landscape dynamics, WSL-SLF


Esther Thürig (2019 - current), Group Leader, Forest Resources and Forest Management, Resource Analysis, WSL

Catherine Graham (2019 - current), Group Leader, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Spatial Evolutionary Ecology, WSL

Martina Peter (2020 - current), Group Leader, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Ecological Genetics, WSL

Rebecca Mott (2020 - current), Scientific Employee, Snow and Atmosphere, Snow Hydrology, SLF

Kerstin Treydte (2022 - aktuell), Senior Scientist, Dendrowissenschaften, WSL