Aktuelle Arbeiten:


Seraina Brandes

Titel: The forest dieback during the 1970s and 1980s in Central Europe, A retrospective analysis using tree ring width and stable isotopes


Ariane Dieth

Titel: Retreat of the Turtmanngletscher and succession of Larix decidua since the LIA using geomorphological mapping and dendrochronological analysis


Abgeschlossene Arbeiten:


Simona Staub (2023)

Strong increase in atmospheric radiocarbon concentration at the onset of the Older Dryas, measured in Scots pine from Dättnau, Switzerland

Isa van Lidth de Jeude (2023) Variation in vessel size of beech (Fagus sylvatica): due to phenotypic plasticity or genetic adaptation?
Andrea Bringolf (2023) Landslide reconstruction and monitoring in Brienz based on dendrochronology.
Mattias Barigazzi (2022) How do wood anatomy and physiological processes influence maximum tree height.
Silja Holdener (2022) Assessing the phenomenon of red bark on Larix decidua in the Swiss alps
Kurt Weber (2022) Foliar penetration of silver nanoparticles in 3 tree species: role of macro and micro-structures of leaves
Jana Gemperle (2022) Monitoring air pollution from aircraft at Zurich airport using nearby trees.
Joanna Reim (2022) A multi-criteria approach to reconstruct late spring frost events for Acer pseudoplatanus L., Fagus sylvatica L., and Picea abies (L.) Karst. on Weissenstein
Philipp Rüegg (2022) Testing mountain pine (P. mugo) and green alder (A. viridis) for reconstruction of snow avalanches.
Julien Genilloud (2022) Datierung von Spaltenöffnungen im Rutschgebiet Brienz/Brinzauls mit Hilfe von holzanatomischen Veränderungen.
Sara Binkert (2022) Datierung von Bauminstabilitäten im Rutschgebiet Brienz/Brinzauls mit Hilfe von holzanatomischen Veränderungen.
Davide Bernasconi (2021) Using tree rings to assess the air quality in Klosters, Switzerland

Nicola Paltenghi (2021)

Tree Rings as Indicators of Different Reactions to Drought in Urban Trees.
Silvia Passardi (2020) Wood anatomical response of the Vietnamese conifer Fokienia hodginsii to different climatic parameters
Michael Kessler (2020) Tree ring records from Isla Hermite, Cape Horn: Evaluating the possibility for a westerly winds signal?
Alice Gargano (2020) COCOCHACLI: Cacao Trees in a Changing Climate. Tree-ring analyses to understand the impact of increasing drought frequency and severity on different varieties of cacao trees in Ivory Coast: a preliminary feasibility study
Sabine Rothenbühler (2020) Assessing drought-induced mortality on Pine and Beech

Danijar Manser (2019)

Glacier-induced tsunamis. A wood anatomical reconstruction in Western Greenland
Jürg Schadegg (2019) Dendrogeomorphologische Untersuchung einer Rutschung oberhalb von Ferden, VS
Lisi Haberbauer (2018) Investigating The Underlying Mechanisms Driving Inter-Annual Variability In Wood Density
Joshua Braun-Wimmer (2017) Effects of sample preparation on stable isotope measurements of tree-rings
Larissa Sutter (2017) A Geochronological Reconstruction of Tsunami-Events Triggered by the Eqip Sermia in West Greenland
Philippe Burkhalter (2017)

Dendrogeomorphologische Analyse der Rutschungsaktivitäten im Gebiet Bruust-Haltiwald, Gemeinde Horw, Kanton Luzern

Burkhalter et al. Geographica Helvetica (2019)

Giulia Fontana (2017)

Dryas octopetala L.: Assessment of the dendrogeomorphological potential for past debris-flow events reconstruction in the Alps

Fontana et al. Dendrochronologia (2021)

Rahel aus der Au (2017)

Two Invasive Species in the Sandhills of Nebraska: Their Response to Drought and Their Water Use Efficiency

aus der Au et al. Am. Midl. Nat. (2018)

Greta Zanin (2017) Accrescimento ed efficienza d'uso dell'acqua in una foresta vetusta della Bosnia Herzegovina
Loren Eggenschwiler  (2016) Using dendrochronology and stratigraphy to understand climatic events near Tebano, Italy
Annika Oertel (2016) Hydrological and environmental signals in tree-ring δ18 at the Rietholzbach catchment
Nancy Bolze (2016)

Re-visiting temperature- induced recruitment pulses of Greenlandic dwarf shrub communities

Büntgen et al. Dendrochronologia (2018)

Simon Blatter (2016) Growth of treeline trees - A spatial-temporal analysis of driving forces of tree growth at treeline (pdf)
Ana Stritih (2016) Xylem-anatomical variability of Quercus petraea and Fagus orientalis from Colchic forests in response to climate (pdf)
Maria Grimm (2016) Oberflächennahe Hangstabilisation durch ingenieurbiologische Maßnahmen und die Auswirkung von Mykorrhiza auf die Entwicklung des Pflanzen- und Wurzelwachstums
Alexandra Blatter (2015) Räumliche und zeitliche Unterschiede von Nadellängen und Jahrringbreiten im Engadin. Die Analyse eines mehrjährigen Datensatzes (pdf)
Karolina Janecka (2015)

Does compression wood affect the climatic signal in carbon and oxygen isotope records of tree rings?

Janecka et al. Tree Physiology (2020)

Sandro Morganti (2015) Hanginstabilität im Bergrutschgebiet des Vajont-Staudamms, Eine dendro-geomorphologische Rekonstruktion
Frederick Reinig (2014) Potential and limitation to develop a tree ring based summer temperature reconstruction for northeastern Siberia and the past millennium
Jutta Würth (2014) Tree-Ring Based Reconstruction of Geomorphic Processes to Verify Permafrost Aggradation Below Timberline in Bever Valley / Switzerland
Laura Petrucco (2014) Drought induced desiccation of Pinus nigra in the Karst: a spatial and temporal analysis.
Eric Gasser (2014) A Feasibility Study Modelling Hydrological Cycles using Tree-Ring Based Climate Reconstructions
Camillo Eichmann (2014) Einfluss von Vulkanausbrüchen auf das Wachstum und die Physiologie von Birken (Betula pubescens) in Island
Dimitri Kink (2014) Root Tensile Strenght Related to Wood Anatomical Features
Andreas Hunziker (2014) Anatomical adaptations of Mediterranean woody species representing growth response to climate - a dendrochronological approach
Andreas Good (2014) Climatic influence on tree-ring growth of a Quercus ilex forest in Supramonte (Sardinia, Italy)
Moritz Reisser (2014) Soil analysis at Mount Etna to explain faster tree growth preceding a volcanic eruption
Riccardo Cerrato (2014) Elaborazione di curve dendrocronologiche (Larix decidua Mill.) e analisi dendroclimatiche dalla Piccola Età Glaciale ad oggi sul versante settentrionale del massiccio della Presanella (Alpi Retiche)
Simon Vollenweider (2014) Tree-ring response of three Mediterranean shrubs Juniperus phoenicea L., Phillyrea angustifolia L. and Pistacia lentiscus L. to different climatic parameters at Capo Caccia (Sardinia, Italy)
Kristen Skolaut (2013)  
Angela Grieder (2013) Oxygen isotopes in wood and cellulose of larch and spruce in the Lötschental (Swiss Alps)
Leonora Di Gesualdo (2013) Efficienza di uso dell'acqua in boschi igrofili mediterranei costieri
Mércia Diniz Silva Peter (2013) Tree-ring response of two relict species Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl and Quercus robur L. to drought at San Rossore (Pisa, Italy)
Christoph Nehrbass-Ahles (2013)

The influence of sampling design on tree‐ring‐based quantification of forest growth

Nehrbass-Ahles et al. Global Change Biology (2014)

Thomas Häfelfinger (2013) Growth response to climate of  beech trees  (Fagus sylvatica) in Grisons
Galina Timofeeva (2013) Do oxygen isotopes in tree rings from coastal Alaska record atmospheric circulation patterns?
Florian Weisser (2013) Ingenieurbiologische Maßnahmen erosionsexponierter Steilhänge des Arieschbach im Prättigau in den ostschweizer Alpen
Simon Dippel (2013) Using historical wood to develop a composite chronology in the Bavarian Alps
Malin Michelle Ziehmer (2012)

Towards a 500-year summer temperature reconstruction on Mt. Olympus in Greece

Klesse et al. Climate Dynamics (2015)

Stefan Klesse (2012)

Response of Pinus Nigra to long-term moisture variability on Mt. Olympus, Greece

Klesse et al. Climate Dynamics (2015)

Felix Fischer (2012) Potential and limitation of “branch dendrochronology” to date eagle nests in the Swiss Alps
Lena Hellmann (2012)

Treibholz aus Grönland - Holzartenbestimmung und Rückschlüsse auf Herkunft und Meeresströme - Anatomical classification of Arctic driftwood

Hellmann et al. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences (2013)

Cristian Gees (2012) Growth response of Larix decidua to a nine year CO2-enrichment experiment at Stillberg
Eliano Sonzogni (2011) Vulcani ed alberi: effetto dell’eruzione 1950-51 dell’Etna sull’accrescimento degli alberi
Muriel Sophie Camenzind (2011) Analyse der Auswirkungen von Sommertrockenheit auf das Wachstum und die Physiologie von Quercus pyrenaica entlang eines Längen- und Höhengradienten in Spanien
Francesco Giammarchi (2010) Analisi dendroecologica delle dinamiche evolutive di una cembreta in alta Val di Stava
Lara Läubli (2010) Linking Alpine glacier dynamics to tree growth
Monica Fantin (2010) Analisi dendrocronologica della frana del Vajont
Patrizio Daina (2010) Segnale climatico negli anelli annuali di alberature urbane a Bergamo
Lorenzo Schmid (2010) Characterization of beech vessels from two ecologically different sites.
Andrea Seim (2009)

Climate sensitivity of Pinus Heldreichii in Albania

Seim et al. International Journal of Climatology (2015)

Seim et al. Climate Research (2012)

Sonja Boda (2009)

Intra-seasonal pathway of oxygen isotopes from precipitation and soil to the tree ring in the Lötschental (Swiss Alps)

Treydte et al. New Phytologist (2014)

Laura Fernández Donado  (2009) Tree-rings and climate of the Iberian Peninsula
Flurin Babst (2009)

Remote sensing and tree-ring based assessment of Epirrita autumnata defoliation in Fennoscandian Mountain Birch Forests

Babst et al. Remote Sensing of Environment (2010)

Arthur Humbel (2009) Jahrringidentifikation von Olivenbäumen auf Santorini (Theras) zur Bestätigung von dendrochronologischen Datierungen der minoischen Eruption
Isabelle Schäfer (2009) Dichteschwankungen als Trockenheitsindikatoren in Jahrringen von Macchia-Baumarten auf Elba, Italien
Martin Flury (2009) Titel: Hochgebirge im Klimawandel: Baum- und Waldgrenzen als Indikatoren für Klimaschwankungen
Thomas Neuenschwander (2008) Eine 1000- jährige Temperaturrekonstruktion für die Französischen Seealpen.
Lea Moser (2008)

Intra-annual tree growth along an altitudinal gradient in the Loetschental, Switzerland. (pdf)

Moser et al. Tree Physiology (2008)

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Martina Collemberg (2008) Dendrochronological and anthracological investigations in Val di Sole (Trentino, Italy)
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Andreas Obrecht (2008) Wood anatomy and phenology: Vessel formation of beech, oak and cherry trees in retation to phenological observation.
Pascale Affolter (2007)

Aufbau und Klimatische Analyse eines Tieflagen Netzwerk, Wallis. (pdf)

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